Konami Cabinets


Prince Arcades hand cuts new cabinets by using 3/4″ MDF lumber or 1/2″ for Nintendo cabinets


Painted as shown in the product photo (does not include artwork)


Konami Control Panel

Just the control panel box, not including the control panel top

Konami Control Panel Top

Just the control panel top, not including the control panel box


Prince Arcades hand cuts all new cabinets using 3/4″ MDF lumber or 1/2″ for Nintendo cabinets

Shipping Information

Prince Arcades understands that shipping companies are not selected by price alone. Services and delivery speeds are just some of the variations between shippers. We recommend shipping your game cabinet with First Leading Cargo. You can find their contact information below. We also understand that you may prefer a different transport company to deliver your game cabinet. We will do our best to work with all shipping companies.

For a quote please contact: First Leading Cargo 630-964-0360  (shipping from zip code 60440)



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