Mike’s Hot Honey Slice Hunter Arcade Game


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Introducing Slice Hunter, a nostalgic pizza-themed arcade game. NOW AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY AT PRINCE ARCADES!!

Slice Hunter, is an homage to the iconic arcade games found in pizzerias of the 1980s & 90s. It takes you back to fond childhood memories of the smells of fresh pies out the oven, stained drop ceiling tiles, tiffany lamps and the sweet sounds of classic arcade games.

Slice Hunter puts players in the hot seat of the Mikes Hot Honey (R) bottle, blasting through an interstellar adventure of food invaders. Set against a backdrop of cheesy galaxies, participants aim at mouth-watering targets like pizza, ice cream, and chicken wings, exploring the vast possibilities of sweet heat combinations.

The original Slice Hunter game was developed and designed by Seth S. Scott of Perfect Hat Games & Jess Kostelnick of Design O Mite, with the original Slice Hunter arcade cabinet was built by local, bespoke video game experts @AlanWinslow, @Flup_cad, and @dhemerae_ford.

To order call the Prince Arcades wood shop (630) 378-1517

For a quote please contact: First Leading Cargo 630-964-0360 (shipping from zip code 60440)



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