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At Prince Arcades we are dedicated to preserving arcade gaming!

We buy, sell, restore, and build new parts for classic arcade games.

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Prince Arcades full wood shop service is building replica cabinets and arcade parts such as marquee boxes, control panels, steps and all other wood products for arcade games. If you need it we can build it!


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All our new game cabinets are build using original cabinets as templates, hand cut to perfection in our wood shop. Check out the video below.






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We are a family owned and operated small business dedicated to quality and satisfaction, arcade preservation & restoration and the building of new arcade products and cabinets for home or business use.


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Prince Arcades hand cuts all the new cabinets by using 3/4″ MDF lumber or 1/2″ for Nintendo cabinets to exec specs


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All of our control panels are hand cut using 3/4″ lumber

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Next to impossible to find specialty wood parts for classic cabinets hand cut to perfection. Requests welcome.

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Prince Arcades is proud to have been involved with the Rampage restoration project in early 2018.  We got together with Brian F. Colin in 2017 with the idea of restoring a handful of Rampage arcade games using the original art package that Brian had intended for Rampage from the beginning. (He thought we were crazy for the idea).  This artwork was never released and was only pictured once in a Play Meter Magazine advertisement.  We figured the timing was perfect with the new Rampage  movie coming out in April of 2018 starring Dwayne Johnson Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Malin Akerman.

We were able to accumulate four original Rampage cabinets in 2017 giving us time to completely tear them down and restore them using the original artwork provided by Brian F. Colin.  We released the Limited Edition Rampage Cabinets in early 2018 (only 4 of them made).  No more of the original art sets will be printed which makes the four that were released a very special production that we were thrilled to have headed up.  All four cabinets were sold with numbered certificates created by Brian F. Colin to be held by the buyers of the limited edition cabinets.

We owe many thanks to Brian who has spent decades creating enjoyment in the Arcade industry.

-Prince Arcades Crew-

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