Prince Arcades is a family-owned, full-service arcade business.  Our main objective is to assist in the preservation of the Arcade Gaming Experience.  We specialize in Locating, Preserving, Restoring and Rebuilding Arcade Games.  Supplying Arcades and Collectors with the games that they are looking for – common and rare alike – is a large part of our business.  We look for games on a daily basis so we can bring them to you!


In the Prince Arcades Wood Shop we stay busy building replicas of the original arcade games for the folks who need them for restoration products.  We build new multigames that are made for the people that want a new, warranted game for the family to enjoy for years to come.


We are very excited to see the continued growth in the Arcade Industry and in our business as well.  With hundreds of great customers and multiple arcade owners to thank for our growth as a business, we always enjoy meeting new arcade fans and arcade owners.


Always looking forward to the treasures of yesteryear and enjoying life every day!

Jeremy Fox
& The Prince Arcades Team